Property Maintenance

 Dunellen Property Maintenance Officer
George Deene
Code Enforcement Officer II
Kenneth Baudendistel

Non-Construction Department Issues, Property Maintenance, Zoning Violations, and Illegal Housing 

  • For Dunellen Municipal Code Chapter 217, "Property Maintenance," click here.
  • For Dunellen's "Debris Removal" ordinance, 2016-14, click here.
  • For Dunellen's Sign Ordinance, 2013-01, click here.
  • For Dunellen Municipal Code Chapter 280, "Abandoned Vehicles," click here.
  • For Dunellen Municipal Ordinance 06-20, covering outdoor storage of recreational vehicles and boats, and the parking of trucks and school buses in residential areas; 8,000 lbs. limit, click here.
  • For Dunellen Ordinance 07-03, "Refuse and Recycling Container Storage," click here.
  • For Dunellen Ordinance 08-11, "Outdoor Storage Containers (PODS)," click here.
  • For Dunellen Ordinance 08-14, "Vehicle Parking Limited to Parking Areas and Driveways," click here.
  • For Dunellen Ordinance 2010-01, "Duty to Clean and Maintain Sidewalks, Driveways, Walkways and Entrance Stairways," click here.
  • Snow and Ice Removal. For Dunellen Code Section 256-1. Time limit for removal of snow or covering of ice, click here.
  • For Dunellen's Noise Ordinance, Code Chapter 195, click here.
  • For Dunellen's Grease Trap ordinance, 2007-14, click here.