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Pulaski Street Culvert Project: This project being completed by Middlesex County has begun construction. Once completed, it will improve water flow in the immediate area by developing a larger culvert system.

Road Improvement Projects: 

-      Center Street:  Concrete work has been completed along this road which included new ADA sidewalk ramps at the intersections and a new sidewalk from the dead end of Pulaski Street off Center Street to the John P. Faber Elementary School sidewalk and playground. The cost of the sidewalk between Pulaski Street and the school was a shared expense between the borough and school district. We have been informed by Piscataway Township that they will prepare the plans and specification for pavement. They have an estimated timeline of early fall for milling and paving the road.

-      Middlesex County Mill and Pave Project: Concrete repairs will be made at various locations that are severely damaged along the roads planned to be paved in this program. The milling and paving phase of the project is projected to begin in the fall. These roads include:

o   Columbia Street,

o   Penfield Place (New Market Road to South Washington Ave). Note: Penfield Place from South Washington Ave to Maple Ave & Maple Ave are part of ongoing discussions with NJAW to have water main replacement and service work done in 2024, which would include repaving of the road.

o   Oak Parkway,

o   Pearl Place,

o   Kennedy Court,

o   Jadach Drive

-      Kline Place Roadway Improvements (NJDOT Grant): Plans for Kline Place are being finalized for NJDOT submission to request authorization to go out to bid.

ESL Partnership with Middlesex County College, School District & Dunellen: Partnership between Middlesex County College, Middlesex County College Foundation, Dunellen School District, and Dunellen to help with English as a second language courses to be located at one of the school facilities and fully funded through the Middlesex County College Foundation. The program is a 40-hour course on learning the English language. We are looking to coordinate this effort with the Dunellen Public Libraries efforts for their “Conversation Hour.” We hope to have an interest meeting planned for Aug 23rd at the Dunellen Public Library. Time of event TBA.

Washington Avenue Beautification Project (NJDOT Transit Village Grant): Lighting locations were laid out for Washington Avenue. Reviewing construction costs and budget to determine final bid scope.

Weather conditions permitting, the Middlesex County Mosquito Extermination Commission will be conducting mosquito control treatment (spraying via trucks) to control and reduce mosquitoes that can spread viruses (like West Nile Virus) and/or minimize nuisance mosquitoes to tolerable levels, in the following area.

  • Municipalities: Dunellen, Piscataway
  • Application Date and Time: Monday, September 18, 2023, 6:30 PM to 11:59 PM.
  • Rain Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
  • Mosquito Control ProductEtofenprox (Zenivex ® E4-RTU, EPA# 2724-807)
  • Location/Boundaries: Entire Dunellen, and Piscataway, north of RR tracks, west of New Market Rd

Check here to see if you are located in the: Mosquito Spray Zone/Map.

For information about UltraLow Volume spraying of approved insecticides using truck mounted sprayers, please review the CDC Website: What You Need to Know About Truck Spraying.

For current information on all spray applications in Middlesex County, please review the Commission's Mosquito Spray Schedule.

For the complete Public Spray Notice, please click here.

What can residents do to reduce exposure?
Please note, neither the USEPA nor the CDC requires relocating or taking special precautions during spraying. However, any possible exposure risk can be reduced by following some sensible actions: (1) Pay attention to notices about mosquito spraying found through newspapers, websites, automated telephone messages or notices distributed by municipal, county or state agencies. (2) Stay indoors during spraying with doors/windows closed and with air conditioners turned off to outside air. The EPA recommends that people remain indoors for at least one-hour after mosquito spraying to allow the spray to settle and dissipate. (3) Plan your activities to limit time spent outside during spray operations. Cover outside items like furniture and grills before the spraying takes place. Bring pets and items like pet food dishes and children’s toys indoors. Rinse any uncovered items left outside during spraying. (4) Consult your doctor or local Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222, if you think you have a reaction to the insecticide spray.


 For a copy of the Dunellen Report, click here. 

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