Public Works

DPW Office and Recycling Yard
265 Hall Street

Dunellen, NJ 08812
(732) 968-5455
Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm


Parking Restrictions During Snow Emergencies (posted 12/1/2020)
§ 256-5. Parking prohibited.
In order to permit snowplows to operate freely and unimpeded for the purpose of keeping the Borough streets and highways open for essential and emergency functions, during the period of time commencing one hour after snow has been continuously falling and ending 12 hours after snow ceases to fall, no person shall park, stop, stand or leave abandoned a vehicle on any streets within the Borough of Dunellen.

Alternate off-street parking during snow emergencies is available at:
  * American Legion Post 119, 137 New Market Road
  * McCoy Park, North Washington Avenue
  * Columbia Park, Orange Street



Leaf pick-up Collected April-May & October-December. Leaves must be bagged.
Tree limbs Collected March, April and September.
Grass and yard waste Not picked-up. Please bring to the DPW Yard and place in the appropriate dumpster.
Paint drop off Second Saturday of each month from 8:00am-12:00pm
Household rubbish disposal Please bring to DPW Yard during September and October; drop-off date based on street of residence.

Dates when the DPW Yard is closed: click here.
The DPW Yard accepts curbside recyclables, metal, leaves, grass and brush. For a list of acceptable items, click here.
Per the Recycling Guide, grass clippings must be brought to the DPW Yard and deposited in the grass clippings dumpster. The DPW will not be picking these up. We are prohibited from doing so by the County which is concerned with contamination's from the clippings that mingle with the brush/limbs in the back of the Yard. 

If you are experiencing a sewer back up into your home please call dispatch at (732) 968-3000.

For the 2022 Dunellen Recycling Guide, click here.

How to Purchase a Recycling Bin 
Recycling bins are $10.00 each and can be paid at the Municipal Clerk's Office at 355 North Avenue; office entrance is on Prospect Avenue. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check and money order (made payable to Borough of Dunellen).
Then take your receipt of payment to the DPW Recycling Yard to pick up your new recycling bin.

Take advantage of our Recycle Coach App
Whether it’s determining what is recyclable, or remembering the pick-up schedule, RecycleCoach has you covered. Download this app to personalize your own recycling calendar and use the What Goes Where? search tool to better sort your recyclables. Available in the App Store or Google Play.

Recycling Pick-Up Issues
To determine the cause of a service interruption, please note whether:
  * It is your day or week and/or your recycling was put out by the curb no later than 6AM
  * Your entire street’s recycling has been affected
  * A container no larger than 32 gallon has been used
  * Any unapproved items are mixed in with your recycling
  * Your recycling was placed in plastic bags, which are not permitted

If you still have a concern, comment or question regarding your recycling pick-up, please send an email to, making sure to leave a name, address and telephone number in the body of the message so that a representative may contact you at their earliest availability. 

Middlesex County Improvement Authority Recycling Complaint Form:



(cardboard, plastic and metal bottles and cans, bundled newspapers)
  January 5.19
  February 2,16
  March 2,16, 30
  April 13, 27
  May 11, 25
  June 8, 22
  July 6, 20
  August 3, 17, 31
  September 14, 26
  October 12, 26
  November 9, 23
  December 7, 21

 Street Sweeping Program (April-September) 
Please move your cars off the street the day your section will be swept.
irst Monday  North East section of the Borough.
econd Monday South West section of the Borough.
Third Monday South East section of the Borough.
Fourth Monday North West section of the Borough.


  • Each section may take more than one day due to the heavy debris from the winter.

  • If your sweep section falls on a holiday or a day of heavy rain, it will be swept the following day.

2021 Street Sweep Schedule Graphic