Dunellen Arts, Inclusion and Culture Commission

Dunellen Arts, Inclusion and Culture Commission (DAICC)

• Mayoral Appointment 
• 9 Members and 2 Alternates  
• 3-year term 
• Meets once a month on the second Monday at 6:00 pm in Recreation Office unless otherwise publicly noticed. 
• All commissioners shall reside, work, be affiliated with a local civic organization, or own a business or property within the Borough at the time of appointment and throughout their terms of office.
• The purpose of DAICC is to  organize, facilitate, sponsor, or collaborate on public programs aimed at advancing the growth and public understanding of fine, visual, and performing arts, as well as cultural experiences in Dunellen. Additionally, the commission is tasked with fostering a positive environment, social and cultural harmony, and a sense of belonging among Borough residents and visitors. This includes celebrating Dunellen's diverse culture and promoting goodwill, cooperation, and unity among the multicultural members of the Dunellen community.   

2024 Meeting Dates
To be provided

Meeting Minutes for 2024 can be found here, when they are available.