Committees' Volunteer Application

Dunellen Volunteer
Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time for the Borough of Dunellen.

The Borough of Dunellen currently has limited seats available for volunteers to serve on our boards and commissions for 2024. For more specific information on each board or commission, view the Borough of Dunellen Board and Commission Descriptions.

Please note that while your application is subject to the provisions of the Open Public Records Act, your primary phone number, address of residence and email are for contact information only and not subject to public disclosure. The information in this section is considered personal, and is therefore deemed confidential for the purpose of P.L. 1963, c. 73 (C.47:1A-1 et seq.) and P.L. 2001, c. 404 (C.47:1A-5 et al.)

Contact Information

Boards, Commissions and Authorities

Please Note: Not all boards have vacancies at the time. By checking off next to a board or commission, you are indicating your interest in serving on the board or commission.


In accordance with the Local Government Ethics Law (N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-22.1 et seq.) annual Financial Disclosure Statements must be filed by elected officials, certain government employees, and members of the housing authority, planning board, zoning board, board of health, board of education, and library board of trustees. Financial Disclosure Statements indicate the source of income but not the amount.