Dunellen Stations "Art Color" Project

On the 19-acre “Art Color” complex, there will be 130 townhomes for sale and 252 apartments for rent, with 58 of the rental apartments being affordable homes. There will also be a 9240 sq. ft. commercial/retail building on the former World Gym site. Residents of the 3 complex will have access to a Club House with a community room, barbecue area, weight room and pool. The development will be home to over 500 new Dunellen residents. In addition, a new traffic light will be installed at the intersection of New Market Road and South Washington Avenue.

The development of the Art Color complex is being completed by two companies. K. Hovnanian is building the townhouses and Prism is building the apartments and retail space. Both companies have many years of experience in building redevelopment sites throughout New Jersey and surrounding states. The townhomes and apartments are being designed for and marketed to commuters who will take trains or buses to work.

For an economic impact analysis PowerPoint presentation on this development by NW Financial, click here. 

For a Redevelopment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Dunellen Stations (the former Art Color complex),
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(uploaded February 16, 2021)
For information on rental units that will be available at Dunellen Stations please contact Prism Capital Partners, LLC by clicking here. 
The protocol for Affordable Housing at Dunellen Stations is being developed. If you are interesting in Dunellen Stations Affordable Housing, please notify Prism Capital Partners, LLC at the above link and notify the Clerk's Office by clicking here. 
(Added 9/29/2021)
Exhibits from the Redevelopment Presentation to the Dunellen Borough Council on October 16, 2017

Dunellen Station Redevelopment presentation by Brudner Redevelopment Partners Urban Renewal, LLC., to the Dunellen Borough Council on October 16, 2017, click here.

Dunellen Station Concept Plan, as presented to the Dunellen Borough Council on October 16, 2017, click here. 

Traffic Impact Study for Dunellen Station Redevelopment, as presented to the Dunellen Borough Council on October 16, 2017, click here.
Traffic Impact and Parking Assessment presented by Dynamic Traffic, LLC to the Dunellen Planning Board on 6/28/22, click here.

Exhibits from the Presentation to the Planning Board in May and June 2018
Architectural and layout diagrams of the site with floor plans and exterior renditions
click herehere, and here.

For a link to the feature story on Dunellen Redevelopment written by Bob Makin for the Courier News that appeared on Sunday, May 5, 2019, click here. 
Links to Home News Tribune article, click here and here.
Links to Courier News article, click here and here.

For a letter from Envirotactics containing a Summary of Environmental Activities regarding the
Dunellen Stations property (the Art Color Complex)
dated February 11, 2021, click here.

Dunellen Station Architectural Presentation Boards-Apartments

Dunellen Station Architectural Presentation Boards-Club House

Dunellen Station Architectural Presentation Boards-Retail

KHV Townhome Rendering, July 9, 2018 - Art Color

Dunellen Station Overall Plan

Drive Through Facility Plans

Prism Drive Through Engineering -jpeg

Prism Drive Through Engineering 2 - jpeg

Prism Dunellen Retail Spiezle April 22 2022 Revsion - jpeg_Page_1

Prism Dunellen Retail Spiezle April 22 2022 Revsion - jpeg_Page_2 - Copy

Prism Dunellen Retail Spiezle April 22 2022 Revsion - jpeg_Page_3