New Jersey American Water and PSE&G Improvement Projects and Road Work Schedule


Roadwork Improvement Projects: 

Lincoln Ave Project: All materials for rapid rectangular flashing beacon signs have been received by contractor. One has been installed but not yet operating and the remainder are being assembled in the shop and will be installed within next two weeks. The native tree species to be planted along Lincoln Avenue are not dormant enough yet to be dug up at the nursery. They will be dug, delivered, and installed when dormant.

PSEG: We are waiting to hear back on paving start dates. We  will report back once we have more information.

New Jersey American Water: NJAW completed their milling and paving of several roads in Dunellen. The next phase of the project is to complete all the striping of the streets. The 2022 NJAW Improvement projects included the installation of new water mains, residential water services, new fire hydrants, and paved roads, curb-to-curb.

These roads included:

  • Washington Avenue (First Street to Mountain View Terrace).
  • Madison Avenue (First Street to Mountain View Terrace).
  • Mountain View Terrace (200 Block to Madison Avenue).
  • Fourth Street (200 Block to Third Street).
  • Third Street (Washington to Fourth Street).
  • Pulaski Ave (Bound Brook Rd to Gavornik Park)
  • North Avenue Extension.

We have been in communications with NJAW to advocate for more work to be completed in Dunellen for 2023 and are happy to report that they are adding the following streets for new water mains, residential water services, new fire hydrants, and streets getting paved curb-to-curb:

  • North Washington Ave (North Ave to First Street)
  • Penfield Place (South Washington Ave to Maple Ave).
  • Maple Avenue

Culvert Cleaning Project:

Tonight, the Mayor and Borough Council approved National Water Main Cleaning Company to jet and vacuum silt and debris out of culverts this fall. This will assist in how water dissipates after rainstorms. We hope this will contribute to the Borough’s ability to mitigate flooding around town. This project schedule is currently being worked out and from start to finish should take around a month to complete.

The following locations will be cleaned out:

  • Grove Street & Prospect Avenue
  • Grove Street Pipe towards Gertrude Terrace
  • Gertrude Terrace Culvert
  • Prospect Avenue Pipe (300’ south of Skinner Plaza)
  • New Market Road & Whittier Avenue Culvert
  • Prospect Avenue Culvert (new #235 Prospect Ave)
  • High Street/Gavornik Park: Piping system from South Madison to Gavornik Park
  • South Avenue/ Hall Street Culverts
  • South Washington Ave Culvert.

Please note that the Pulaski Street Culvert is not listed as we are working to coordinate with Middlesex County a replacement of this culvert soon.