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Parking Restrictions During Snow Emergencies (posted 12/1/2020)
§ 256-5. Parking prohibited.
In order to permit snowplows to operate freely and unimpeded for the purpose of keeping the Borough streets and highways open for essential and emergency functions, during the period of time commencing one hour after snow has been continuously falling and ending 12 hours after snow ceases to fall, no person shall park, stop, stand or leave abandoned a vehicle on any streets within the Borough of Dunellen.

Alternate off-street parking during snow emergencies is available at:
  * American Legion Post 119, 137 New Market Road
  * McCoy Park, North Washington Avenue
  * Columbia Park, Orange Street

For specific information on each department click the links below:

Municipal Clerk
Municipal Court
Office of Emergency Management
Parks & Recreation
Property Maintenance 
Public Library
Public Works
Rescue Squad
Tax Assessor
Tax Collector
Messages by the Mayor

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