General Notifications


Lincoln Ave Project: The native tree species have been planted in various locations along Lincoln Avenue. The final phase of the project will be to install the remaining rapid rectangular flashing beacon signs and activate them.

Culvert Cleaning Project:

National Water Main Cleaning Company started the culvert clean-out project this past week. The contractor began at the South Avenue culvert. This culvert has two water flowing openings. Both culverts are now clear. This should help with water flow during severe rainstorms. Remaining culverts to be cleaned out are:

  • Grove Street & Prospect Avenue
  • Grove Street Pipe towards Gertrude Terrace
  • Gertrude Terrace Culvert
  • Prospect Avenue Pipe (300’ south of Skinner Plaza)
  • New Market Road & Whittier Avenue Culvert
  • Prospect Avenue Culvert (new #235 Prospect Ave)
  • High Street/Gavornik Park: Piping system from South Madison to Gavornik Park
  • South Washington Ave Culvert.

Please note that the Pulaski Street Culvert is not listed as we are working to coordinate with Middlesex County a replacement of this culvert soon. This project schedule is currently being worked out and from start to finish should take around a month to complete.