Rescue Squad


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Phone #: (732) 968- 0477
Chief: Jeff Best


The mission of the Dunellen Rescue Squad is to provide emergency medical transportation and rescue services to our community with the highest standards of care possible. We will succeed in this mission through the commitment from our community leadership and the dedication of our highly trained and devoted volunteers. We will persevere in the achievement of quality emergency medical services through the support of our core values.

Clinical Excellence:
Striving for the highest standards of care through continuing education and training of our personnel in addition to sustaining the latest technology in equipment and techniques.

Response Time Reliability:

Monitoring and adhering to strict response time guidelines to assure prompt response and timely patient contact in all of our requests for service.

Customer Satisfaction:

Through the principles of our ethics, the entire Dunellen Rescue Squad team will treat our patients with dignity and compassion to achieve our ultimate goal of complete patient satisfaction.

Economic Efficiency:
As a non-profit corporation, we will continue our partnership with the community. We will adapt to the swift movement of healthcare changes as we continue to establish a model EMS system that will provide quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Dunellen Rescue Squad is committed to providing total "high performance emergency medical services" with a strong focus on patient care and due regard for the community.

Medical emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. First responders and medical professionals

who come to help need quick answers to many important questions to determine the best care for the
patient. Unfortunately, patients, caregivers and loved ones are sometimes unable to provide essential
medical information in a timely manner. Delays in receiving care can affect the outcomes of these types
of emergencies, especially in life-or-death situations.
To bridge this gap, the Borough of Dunellen has created a form called All About Me that conveniently
puts your most important medical information in one place. The form, which is on the reverse side of this
letter, provides space to list your emergency contacts, medical diagnoses, medications, allergies, recent
surgeries and more. Please complete the All About Me form and hang it on your refrigerator or in a
noticeable place. Equipped with your pre-written medical information, first responders will be able to
make swift decisions about your care. They will be able to immediately begin treatment, notify loved ones
of the emergency and pass important information along to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room.

For a copy of this form please click here and scroll down to miscellaneous forms.