Office of Emergency Management

OEM Coordinator
Homer M. Mosley Jr.

CERT Coordinator
William Carlson

Emergency management is a means of responding to large-scale emergencies or disasters.

There are four phases to the emergency management model: 1) Mitigation, 2) Preparedness, 3) Response and 4) Recovery.

Mitigation: Refers to actions taken before an event occurs to prevent or lessen the impact the event has to life and property. Examples of mitigation include; building codes, zoning ordinances, grant funding, and training.

Preparedness: Refers to activities, actions, procurements, planning, training and inter-jurisdictional cooperation designed to increase response readiness to identified hazards the community faces.

Response: Mobilization of resources to meet the needs of the community in response to the nature of the disaster. Mobilization includes local, county, state and federal resources as necessary. Response is usually associated with the period of time immediately after the event and necessary to ensure life safety issues are handled. Examples include; Fire and EMS services,
Search and Rescue, debris removal, public works activities and law enforcement.

Recovery: Refers to long term mobilization of support operations that work toward returning the community to its pre-event condition.

The purpose of the Office of Emergency Management is to coordinate the activities of various town departments responsible for continued operations during disasters, coordinate inter-local agreements for resource utilization, communicate with state and federal agencies, and provide education and training. Ultimately, the purpose of emergency management is to increase the town's capabilities to respond to the hazard that threaten the Town, all the while, preventing or reducing the impact of the hazards on the community.


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Dunellen’s Office of Emergency Management Makes Great Strides in 2021!
By Homer Mosley Jr, Dunellen OEM Coordinator

     The Dunellen Office of Emergency Management had another successful year in 2021. We accomplished the revisions of the Dunellen Emergency Operation Plans (EOPs) and they were accepted by the New Jersey State Police which makes Dunellen eligible for grants and other aid. The Dunellen EOPs were overdue and had not been revised since 2013. This was a major success for the Borough of Dunellen and many thanks to all the volunteers, Borough Officials, and emergency service representatives that were part of the process. It truly was a team effort! In addition, together with the Business Administrator and other departments, the Dunellen OEM completed Middlesex County's “All Hazard Mitigation Plan Annex for Dunellen" in conjunction with a consultant from the Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.  The Plan has been submitted to the NJ State Police.  

     Dunellen OEM was very active during Tropical Storm Ida. We established and operated an Emergency Refuge Shelter at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church. We took in 22 people and 4 pets that were rescued from their vehicles and homes from the flood waters. Dunellen OEM assisted with preliminary property damage assessments and coordinated and accompanied FEMA representatives to residents’ homes that requested public assistance. We are presently working with FEMA and the Borough's Business Administrator to obtain reimbursement for Municipal damage attributed to Ida.

      Due to a myriad of required activities in the Dunellen OEM, we submitted an application for an Emergency Management Agency Assistance grant and, having met the eligibility criteria, we have been awarded a $10,000 grant payable after July 30, 2022. As a result of our recruitment efforts, Dunellen has created its first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), whose fifteen members have gone through eight weeks of in-person training to graduate. Members are continuing in-person and on-line FEMA Independent Study Classes. Dunellen CERT has already been deployed at Dunellen planned events. Finally, as the Dunellen OEM Coordinator, I was recognized by fellow peers on December 7, 2021 by the New Jersey Emergency Management Association by being awarded the distinguished honor of being a “Member who has gone Beyond Normal Duties."

     Finally, but not least, the OEM was able to obtain the support, assistance, and guidance from the Middlesex County Office of Emergency Management through its representative, Eric Martin, Operations and Training Officer, who acts in a consultant capacity to the town. Dunellen OEM is thankful to Mayor Cilento, the Borough Council and the Borough Administration for their continued support. There is a lot to look forward to in 2022!

For more information about becoming a volunteer for the Dunellen Office of Emergency Management, please contact Dunellen OEM Coordinator Homer Mosley Jr. at (732) 902-1789 or by email at and for more information about becoming a volunteer and receiving free CERT training, please contact CERT Coordinator William Carlson at

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Dunellen OEM Coordinator Homer Mosley Jr. receives New Jersey Emergency Management Association award for being a “Member who has gone Beyond Normal Duties."