Dunellen Parking Authority

Dunellen Parking Authority
345 Front Street
PO Box 322
Dunellen, NJ  08812
732-968-3663 (Phone & Fax)

Email:  paofdunellen@optonline.net

Hours of operation:  9 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday – If planning to visit the office, kindly call ahead to assure office is occupied as duties often involve personnel working in and about the town.

 The Dunellen Parking Authority is a non-profit establishment, created to better control and regulate the public parking lots of the Borough of Dunellen. 

2023-04-13_MPay2 Instructions

Board Members:

 Member  Position  Term Expiration
William Wagner  Chairman  12/31/2028
Cliff Vail  Vice Chairman  12/31/2027
Edward Webber  Board Member  12/31/2026
John Osborn  Board Member  12/31/2025
Robert J. Seader, Jr.  Board Member  03/01/2024

James Fitzgerald - Attorney

Scott Olsen – Secretary/Treasurer

Sandra Reed – Operations Supervisor/Office Manager
David Locke – Parking Enforcement Officer
Charlotte Gebhardt – Parking Enforcement Officer

2024 Meeting Dates

March 13
May 8
July 10
September 11
October 9 ( Budget Introduction)
December 11 (Begins at 6 PM)
January 8, 2025 (Organization Meeting)

All meetings take place at 345 Front Street, Dunellen, NJ in the first floor conference room at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.  All meetings are open to the public.  Please call ahead to have any concerns placed first on the agenda.