Dunellen Downtown Management Organization

Notes from meeting 1/18/2022
Oath - Bill Robins administered oath to all participants
Introduction of all members 
- Xmas decorations taken down by DPW, all put away 
- Rope lights - Chris installed all rope lights to date, and plans to extend to corner at Zupkos 
- light poles - PSE&G - made very good progress on repair of lights, but appears some have gone out again - Peg will update spreadsheet and submit again 
Spring into Wellness - same vendors as last year will be invited, and will expand to include doctors, dentists, hearing aid companies, anyone health related.    Peg to send to last year's participants so they can put it on calendar.    New ideas - squat competition - activity that would get participation from attendees   Yoga Essence, All Day Fitness, Weapons 9, GDC, Hotspot 
- Music support - Peg will contact Scott to ask him to support music for the day.   
- Girl Scouts - jump rope contest - Heidi to reach out 
- Boy Scouts - Trina - please contact boy scouts to see if there is an activity that they would like to do for Wellness Day   (squat competition?) 
Merchant Meeting - Hal suggested that we invite all downtown merchants to a meeting to review plans for redevelopment projects, so the Mayor and Council can provide an update and answer any questions/concerns they may have.   Heidi suggested a morning meeting, before stores open.   Hal spoke to Jason - he supports the concept.   Hall will get back to us with timing on when best to schedule (if there is a particular milestone we'd like to hit before we schedule). 
Open Air Market - will be held the first and third Sundays of the month at Washington Park starting April 10 
Grand Opening - for Dollar store - to be scheduled for February 19 at 10 a.m.