Sister City: Val Tidone, Italy

On July 2, 2018, the Mayor and Borough Council approved a resolution establishing the sister relationship with Val Tidone, Italy. The relationship began in 2017 when both regions were brought together celebrating Dunellen's 130th anniversary, marked by an official visit and concert of the Italian Alpini Military Choir from Val Tidone at Dunellen High School. Both the Borough of Dunellen and the Val Tidone genuinely expressed interest in humanitarian projects, including student exchanges and other resident-identified initiatives that will benefit their citizens from the opportunity to participate in exchanges to broaden their understanding of the world's cultural, political and social diversity. The Val Tidone, located in the Province of Piacenza in Italy, is a territory rich in history, art and culture, and representing the excellence of Italian products. In order to promote exchanges in educational, cultural, recreational and economic fields, the Borough of Dunellen agreed to the Sister City relationship with the towns of Borgonovo V.T. and Castel San Giovanni.   

Fun facts! Val Tidone has the highest concentration of castles in all of Italy. A vineyard or winery is never far from you. The region has breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, architectural heritage, and many festivals and cultural events. Val Tidone is the westernmost area of the province of Piacenza; it has 13 townships and a population of approximately 52,000 (including Borgonova V.T. and Castel San Giovanni).

Follow this link to learn more about Dunellen's Sister City of Val Tidone, Italy and images of the breathtaking landscapes.