Dunellen Downtown Management Organization

Notes from meeting 1/18/2022
Oath - Bill Robins administered oath to all participants
Introduction of all members 
- Xmas decorations taken down by DPW, all put away 
- Rope lights - Chris installed all rope lights to date, and plans to extend to corner at Zupkos 
- light poles - PSE&G - made very good progress on repair of lights, but appears some have gone out again - Peg will update spreadsheet and submit again 
Spring into Wellness - same vendors as last year will be invited, and will expand to include doctors, dentists, hearing aid companies, anyone health related.    Peg to send to last year's participants so they can put it on calendar.    New ideas - squat competition - activity that would get participation from attendees   Yoga Essence, All Day Fitness, Weapons 9, GDC, Hotspot 
- Music support - Peg will contact Scott to ask him to support music for the day.   
- Girl Scouts - jump rope contest - Heidi to reach out 
- Boy Scouts - Trina - please contact boy scouts to see if there is an activity that they would like to do for Wellness Day   (squat competition?) 
Merchant Meeting - Hal suggested that we invite all downtown merchants to a meeting to review plans for redevelopment projects, so the Mayor and Council can provide an update and answer any questions/concerns they may have.   Heidi suggested a morning meeting, before stores open.   Hal spoke to Jason - he supports the concept.   Hall will get back to us with timing on when best to schedule (if there is a particular milestone we'd like to hit before we schedule). 
Open Air Market - will be held the first and third Sundays of the month at Washington Park starting April 10 
Grand Opening - for Dollar store - to be scheduled for February 19 at 10 a.m. 

Notes from June 21, 2022

- hanging baskets - transferred into pots and DPW hung 
- potato plants - planted and we have some remaining potato plants, which we can donate to the Pop up Park 
- sedge/saw grass - trying saw grass in pots instead of shrubs, which are expensive and we lost 3 over the winter 
Grand Openings/anniversaries 
- WetherTek 55 years - July 23 at 11 o'clock - posters and plaques are finished.   proclamation is drafted. 
Committee voted that we should continue to do 50 plus years of anniversary, and then possibly 40 and up - because right now we have done 4 this year, we can still do Yospin, and next year is 8 on the Break for 50 years.   If we celebrate 20 and up there will be too many businesses that qualify.   i.e., 20 years is Mis Amigos, Dunellen Hotel, Annex, and many others 
Vacant Window decals - in production and can be hung shortly 
Next Stop - Lauren will feature an article on Mayor for the Day, and also highlight Weather Tek in the next edition.   Lauren to send Peg questionnaire, and get the info from Weathertek. 
Calendar of Events - Julie Grof is putting together a Summer Calendar of Events.   DACC s[ponored events such as Music and Plays in the Park were submitted.   Harvestfest was submitted.  
Harvestfest - 
- vendor update from Bill Robins 
  33 craft vendors 
    2 food vendors 
    2 businesses 
    1 sand art 
    2 non profits     
total $1,920.00 
-  marketing update from Heidi - marketing is on target, all proceeding on plan. 
-  entertainment - Retro Ravin (Gary/Keith Stebor) cannot make it, so we will find a replacement back. 
- Music support - confirmed that Scott is available and will support for us. 
   performer invitation listing:   GDC, Yoga Essence, All Day Fitness, Warrior Martial Arts, Friends of Dunellen Library, Weapons 9
received confirmation from a few.  Sending follow up. 
- Harvestfest Art Contest - theme, 135 years for Dunellen 
    - Rock climbing wall - called, emailed, and contact-paged the group, but no response, so will try again this week.  If not, we will go back to the bouncy house obstacle course.  
Lights Downtown - Chris Cotty is in Dunellen 3 am, so will update the listing of streetlights that are not working, so we can give to Jason to share with the PSE&G contact 
    Downtown Merchant contact sheet - discussed idea, but we did this last year, created a spreadsheet of all of the businesses with contact names, phone numbers and emails, but it wasn't referenced afterward. 
- Pop up Park - if anyone has ideas on what we can do to help support/sponsor Pop up Park event, please share. 
-  Dunellen Fire Dept fundraiser - the Library is sponsoring a fundraiser for Taste of Dunellen, at Skinner Plaza which will support the Fire Dept.   They need volunteers to assist, so anyone on DDMO who is available to support, please contact Liz Lopez or Trina.